An original hotel in Rennes: why do things differently?

The success of a stay or a weekend is partly down to the change of scenery you experience away from home. The Magic Hall, an original hotel in Rennes with the promise of a surprising universe, always surprises, and without even having to leave Brittany.


Magic Hall, original hotel in Rennes, the pleasure of being surprised

If there's one thing Magic Hall does well, it's to sweep you away into its world from the moment you step through its doors. Did you expect to find a functional, soundproof rehearsal room that doubles as a stage for local artists in residence or visiting? That's the Magic Hall in the heart of Rennes. Would you have imagined themed rooms around the performing arts with this attention to detail? It's not about putting a horizontal bar in the room around dance, it's about creating a cocoon entirely designed around the theme and what it evokes. Being an original hotel in Rennes means going beyond a few photos of the decor, it means thinking the whole hotel in this sense, whether in the rooms, the reception, the events room or the restaurant. And that's what makes it a unique Rennes design hotel in the Grand Ouest.


Original hotel in the center of Rennes: don't forget the essentials

If you're looking for a change of scenery without leaving Brittany, an original hotel in Rennes is an asset. But the rest of the hotel's services have to live up to this promise. And it does. Bistronomic dining in a friendly atmosphere, spacious rooms - that's a good start. Wifi, premium bedding, walk-in showers, soundproofing and Bluetooth speakers all add to the overall comfort. Your original hotel in Rennes is also close to the CHU Rennes and the Couvent des Jacobins. You are in the heart of the Breton city and its transport links, such as Ste Anne station. It's important to be able to leave the hotel as you please, to stroll around at any time of day, to make your stay exceptional at all times. And for this, Le Magic Hall, this atypical Brittany hotel ticks all the boxes.

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