Your hotel near the Pontchaillou hospital in Rennes: the Magic Hall Hotel

The Magic Hall hotel is a 3 star hotel that leaves no one indifferent. If you think you know the term unusual for a hotel, discover this hotel near the Pontchaillou hospital, you will love to be surprised.

Hotel near Pontchaillou hospital in Rennes, a singular choice

Whether you need to visit the Pontchaillou hospital regularly or you are looking for an unusual hotel, the Magic Hall hotel is the address to remember. As its name suggests, it is an establishment that plays the card of the show, the music hall and the theater through a very singular decoration. It is not even necessary to speak about decoration in the common rooms so much they are transformed. Each object, each place, everything breathes the arts of the spectacle in a learned, elegant staging, as if charged with a sincere homage to the arts of the living spectacle.

The rooms of this hotel near the Pontchaillou hospital, there are 4 different levels, also pay tribute to these same arts, while advocating a decoration all the same less charged to be easier to live. But the elegance of each room, each room, each element faithfully retranscribes one of the 4 universes of this hotel near Pontchaillou all that has of more particular.

3 star hotel near Pontchaillou hospital a story of emotions

Obviously, the hotel quality is undeniable at the Magic Hall hotel. But it is not the first reason for which one reserves a room there. It is the emotions that emanate from the establishment, from the first photo, that will make you fall in love with it. And yet, all the services of a hotel worthy of the name are present: wi-fi, buffet breakfast, brunch, snack in the living room of the hotel, perfectly isolated rehearsal room for music, a temporary exhibition space, we are at a hotel close to the Pontchaillou hospital, complete, attractive, and which goes to the end of its concept.

This hotel near the Pontchaillou hospital in Rennes is also a downtown establishment. If the hospital is only 5 minutes away by car, you can also easily reach the city center to discover the tourist places such as the Parliament, the Thabor park, the Fine Arts museum, the Vilaine river banks.

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