Music studio

A mini-amphitheater devoted to music,
as well as work, discussions and meeting people ... !

If you listen carefully, you will no doubt hear music in the hotel.  The Magic Hall is also home to an auditorium devoted to all types of music.  

Other events are also organized at the hotel, like conferences, seminars and round table meetings.


Music room, rehearsal room or musical experimentation area

This is a welcoming place where the guests of the hotel can play together in an improvised way, in order to get together in a friendly atmosphere around music!


It is also a real soundproofed music studio where artists can rehearse before performing on stage in optimal conditions, organize a private mini-concert or a showcase in an intimate atmosphere.

If you wish to organize a showroom, it is also a studio with sound and hi-fi equipment.


A soundproofed and perfectly equipped music room

The auditorium is perfectly soundproofed, so that guests can rest assured.

Contact Yan on 06 08 78 75 54. Free for residents. Fixed price 300 € for 15 rehearsals (no time limit).

Inside this 21 m² room, you will find:

  • acoustic drums
  • hotel rennes gare EBS Classic session 120 bass + amplifier,
  • hotel rennes centre guitar + Gt Trademark amplifier
  • hotel rennes gare sound with microphones
  • hotel rennes centre Video projector
  • Paper board
  • hotel rennes centre work table
  • hotel rennes centre ville wifi


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