Hotel in Rennes France, the choice of a special touch

Choose an hotel in Rennes France means being sure to stay in the heart of Brittany. But by choosing Le Magic Hall, you are opting for an originality that will make the salt of your Breton weekend.


A hotel near CHU Rennes, an ideal location

A few days of relaxation, the desire to discover a new city and its heritage, the need to enjoy the Rennes evenings, there are many reasons to come to Rennes. But by choosing Le Magic Hall, you are sure to have everything that makes the charm of the city just a stone's throw from your hotel near Pontchaillou. Located in the city center, close to the Ste Anne station, it is the starting point for your outings in the city. And for the moments spent on the spot, you will not regret any thanks to the comfort of the rooms, their impeccable equipment with wifi and Bluetooth speaker, its vast bathroom with Italian shower and the top-of-the-range bedding which will offer you restful nights. In this hotel in Rennes France, you will make your stay a success.


Hotel near Pontchaillou hospital, the magic card

In addition to its location, Le Magic Hall is defined first and foremost by its personality. It is truly unique in all Rennes, but even in the Grand Ouest. How does it do that? By offering you its 19 rooms themed around the performing arts. Dance, music, cinema and theater are honored through a conception, design and decoration thought around the theme. The result is perfectly successful and gives this hotel in Rennes France a special cachet. The conviviality of its restaurant, the rehearsal room which also allows concerts, showcases and showrooms are also a unique place in a hotel. You will probably come to Brittany to get a bit of a change of scenery. And chances are that the best souvenir will be the hotel in Rennes France because of its unique personality and style.

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