Bed on a stage, subtle tints of solid wood, large curtains, folding seats, high tech video projector with private sound system and free access to a video library.  

To complete the mise en scène:

  • hotel rennes centre televisions
  • hotels in rennes france fresh drinks
  • hotel rennes gare bathroom
  • separate toilet
  • hotel rennes centre ville Bluetooth speaker
  • hotel rennes centre wifi
  • Telephone

Silence, rolling and.... action!

Certain rooms are a recreation of cult film scenes in which you have the leading role!
Deluxe Room The Big Lebowski: an ambiance devoted to the Cohen brothers' "Dude" including details of the famous bowling scene.
Deluxe Room King Kong: Virgin forest in the town center! Set off for an adventure to a fantasy land and explore the « lost worlds »…


Discover also



An elegant, warm decor with no wrong notes, orchestrated around a solid wooden music deck, soft carpets and materials, sleek, modern furniture... 


These rooms are wonderful light-drenched cocoons which will make you feel like you are on the boards dancing and leaping «commedia dell'arte» style.


 A large four-poster bed, a solid wooden canopy, red wall coverings, solid balusters and flooring, elegant tons of white and deep purple like on stage...  A reconstruction of an opera ! 

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