A white solid wooden floor, mirrors, a large bed with soft white bedding, a ballet bar as decoration, large curtains in subtle colors...

And always the ultimate comfort:

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  • hotel rennes gare fresh drinks
  • hotel rennes centre bathroom
  • separate toilet
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • hotel rennes centre ville wifi
  • hotel rennes centre ville Telephone

When you enter your room, the curtain rises and you are on stage... «Royal Ballet by Night» can begin!


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An elegant, warm decor with no wrong notes, orchestrated around a solid wooden music deck, soft carpets and materials, sleek, modern furniture... 


This room will take you back to the time when the Magic Hall was an art house cinema.


 A large four-poster bed, a solid wooden canopy, red wall coverings, solid balusters and flooring, elegant tons of white and deep purple like on stage...  A reconstruction of an opera ! 

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