An eco-responsible hotel in Rennes that plays the unusual card

The Magic Hall hotel is an eco-responsible hotel in Rennes that plays not only on the ecological fiber but also on the unusual aspect by presenting a particular and seductive theme.

A green hotel in Rennes, not the only surprise

The Magic Hall hotel is a hotel with the eco-responsible label in Rennes. This means that the establishment meets several environmental criteria such as the use of renewable energy, energy savings, water savings or by steps to reduce waste. This involves both major steps and everyday gestures. But it also demonstrates the involvement of this green hotel in Rennes in societal issues. Choosing this eco-responsible hotel means playing along with these initiatives, supporting and encouraging them. On a day-to-day basis, for the guest of the Magic Hall Hotel, this does not change the quality of their hotel experience. Dishwashing products for the hotel's own, less water consumption, sink aerators, rainwater harvesting for outdoor spaces, it is a global approach that does not impact the client, but plays its part for the planet. What impacts the client is rather the thematic bias of the hotel, which one can only fall under the charm of.

An eco-responsible and thematic hotel in Rennes, an unusual choice

The Magic Hall hotel is an unusual hotel in Rennes. All its common areas are decorated with many elements from the various performing arts such as dance, music, music hall and others. From a distance, it is an incomparable, intimate, exciting atmosphere. Up close, it is a bevy of decorative objects, each charged with a liability, an emotion. The whole thing is right on target and offers a unique experience for a green hotel in Rennes. The rooms are not to be outdone either, and if they are not as intense as the common areas in terms of decoration, they are in terms of quality, the rightness of the setting and the comfort facilities. There is top of the line bedding, soundproofing, wi-fi, TV, office space and much more. This eco-responsible hotel in Rennes really has no equivalent in all of Brittany.

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