Book a room with a difference and enjoy a unique experience
in a quirky hotel in the center of Rennes...



A high-tech projector, a bed on a stage, mirror illusions, a white solid wooden floor, and shades of red... each room is unique and is inspired by the world of arts and performances arousing an array of emotions and a fabulous feeling of escape.

Classic room


Classic room

Classic room

This 14 m² room in our "classic" category boasts a stylish decor.

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Superior room


Superior room

Superior room

The magnificently decorated "superior" rooms boasting noble materials and a cosy ambiance.

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Deluxe room


Deluxe room

Deluxe room

This spacious deluxe room  (26 m²)  is perfect for a relaxing break in the center of Rennes. 

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L’univers des 19 chambres du Magic Hall s’inspire du monde du spectacle pour vous offrir une expérience unique, originale et inattendue à Rennes !

Des chambres cinéma avec projection sur grand écran, des chambres théâtre qui vous propulsent sur le devant de la scène, des chambres danse directement inspirées d’un authentique studio de danse, des chambres musique pour vivre la vie d’artiste et se voir déjà en haut de l’affiche, le temps d’une nuit !

« Music » rooms


An elegant, warm decor with no wrong notes, orchestrated around a solid wooden music deck, soft carpets and materials, sleek, modern furniture... 

« Dance » rooms


These rooms are wonderful light-drenched cocoons which will make you feel like you are on the boards dancing and leaping «commedia dell'arte» style.

« Cinema » rooms


This room will take you back to the time when the Magic Hall was an art house cinema.

« Theatre » rooms


 A large four-poster bed, a solid wooden canopy, red wall coverings, solid balusters and flooring, elegant tons of white and deep purple like on stage...  A reconstruction of an opera !